CTFC – Centre de Ciència i Tecnologia Forestal de Catalunya

CTFC mission is to contribute to the modernisation and competitiveness of the forest sector, to promote rural development and to foster the sustainable management of the environment through excellence in research and transfer of knowledge and technology to society.


AR – Arboreal

Arboreal is a forest software company that creates solutions to collect field data with AR and Lidar-technology in a smart phone.

ASEMFO – National Association of Forest Companies

ASEMFO is a national non-profit association of private forestry companies. It was created in 1994 to represent and defend the interests of the private forestry sector and to coordinate relations between our members and public service organizations.

ASFOR – Asociatia Forestierilor Din Romania Asfor

We are a legal entity and operates as an employer and professional organization, autonomous, non-governmental and apolitical, of economic agents in the primary wood exploitation and processing industry, representing, supporting and defending their economic, technical, commercial and social interests in relations with public authorities, trade unions and other legal and natural persons, nationally and internationally.

BLUEBILOBA – Bluebiloba Startup Innovativa SRL

Bluebiloba srl Innovative Startup is an Innovative Startup and Spin Off of the University of Florence established in 2018, active in the supply of innovative services in the IT and precision forestry sector.

BOSCAT FUSTA S.L – Boscat Fusta, S.L. Agrupació de productors forestals

Boscat Fusta S.L. is a Forest Producers Partnership dealing with forest management, forest operations and forest products production and trade. Boscat trades 30.000 tones of wood products (timber, energy wood, wood chips) per year from 16 Forest Associations (producers), and manages about 2.000 hectares of forests per year mainly for wildfire prevention.

CNR – Consigilio Nazionale delle Ricerche

The CNR Institutes involved in SINTETIC are the Institute of Bioeconomy (IBE) and the Institute of Informatics and Telematics (IIT). The thematic areas of IBE deal with the economic and environmental optimization of the operations of collection and characterization of timber and woody biomass; the wood technology and its derivates; the development of measuring systems with in-situ, radar and satellite sensors, inverse data processing methods

and numerical modelling in the atmospheric and oceanographic field. CNR-IIT investigates the Internet and its social and technological evolutions, from mobile and pervasive networks to the Internet of Things, from social network analysis to cybersecurity, from algorithmics applied to the Internet to intelligent systems and emerging technologies related to artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

EOS – The European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry

EOS is a Brussel’s based organisation that represents the interests on the EU & international leve, of the sawmill industries from 11 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland), producing about 80% of the total EU sawn wood output (both hardwood and softwood) Turnover of around 37 billion EUR and 16% of the overall woodworking and furniture industry in EU27.


Fiskarhedens Trävaru is constituted by the sawmill, which is one of Sweden’s largest and most modern privately owned sawmills, together with the Forestry Department.

FORESTA MODELLO – Associazione Foresta Modello delle Montagne Fiorentine

FMMF is a voluntary, non-profit organisation with local and non-local members (more than 100), working for the dissemination of sustainable land management, the exchange of good practices and to support and raise awareness on local and global issues. In 2014, it created a registered trademark for wood traceability, FMMF – IL LEGNO. A Model Forest is a long-term partnership that brings together all public and private stakeholders in a given territory. Also UCVV, FMMF’s member, will be involved with its Forestry Training Center.

InnoRenew CoE

InnoRenew CoE is an independent research institute that targets renewable materials and sustainable buildings, with the goal of transferring scientific knowledge into industrial practice. Its mission is to advance the state of the art and achieve scientific and innovation excellence through interdisciplinary science, especially in our two key research areas: wood modification and restorative environmental and ergonomic design (REED).

Koneyrittäjät ry

Koneyrittäjät ry is a trade association for machine contractors in energy, earthmoving, and forest industry in Finland. Our main focus is in advocacy for our members. We are also employer organisation. We negotiated three

(collective) agreements with labour union. Communication is one of our cornerstones. We publish two magazines (Koneyrittäjä magazine and KL-Uutiset (members only magazine). We run some development activities.

LAMMA – Consorzio LAMMA Laboratory for Monitoring and Environmental Modelling for the sustainable development

LaMMA – Laboratory for Monitoring and Environmental Modelling for the Sustainable Development – is a public consortium between the Tuscany Region and the Italian National Research Council. According to the synergy between research and services, LaMMA activities are addressed to develop highly technical-scientific products on scientific themes: “Physics of the atmosphere”, “Oceanography”, “Geomatics”.


Microtec is a leading provider of inspection, sorting, and optimization solutions for the wood processing industry. The scanners and software produced by Microtec, enable efficient and precise quality control, helping businesses enhance productivity and reduce waste in their manufacturing processes.


OTMETKA employs around twenty people. We have a subsidiary in New Zealand.

OTMETKA is developing a system to assist forestry customers with complete digitization of timber production, through physical marking of logs in connection with felling, as well as customized production data accessible via API, if each individual log is directly retrieved from the logging computer. Data can be made accessible via cloud
functionality or as local data. In addition, we develop systems for non-contact measurement of logs in harvesting
units. Plus a few other things too…


PiveteauBois, Sawmill industry.

Building a sustainable world for future generations by providing everyone with the best of every tree 150.000 m3 per years, with different process : Dryer, CLT, Glulam, Molding, planning mill, pellets, granulation. Sawmill equipped with MICROTEC sensors to be deployed in the frame of the project: 1) CT LOG scanner installed at the log yard, 2) Log Finger Print with X-Ray and LogEye Scanner, 3) Board Finger Print With GE900, 4) Sawmill in scan and set (Link system).


Silvador Company is a privately owned Romanian company having as main activity forest harvesting. Our company holds in property around 4000 hectare of forests in the south part of Romania. Our company is involved in wood sales, also as standing wood, harvested and as processed wood. Lately our company is involved also in climate change actions, that require conservation of chosen parts of our forests. Besides forest harvesting, Silvador’s group of companies manages around 40.000 hectares of forest owned by private individuals in Romania.


SIMTRONA d.o.o. is specialized in developing electronic products (first in the line is a patented “SMART NAIL”) and industry automation involving the use of state of the art technology (robotics, machine vision, AI,…).


Treemetrics’ mission is to provide innovative technologies and solutions that enable sustainable forest management, enhance productivity, and optimize the value chain, while promoting environmental conservation and economic growth.

UEF – University of Eastern Finland

The School of Forest Sciences at the University of Eastern Finland is an internationally renowned research and education unit. We educate specialists for jobs in the forestry and environmental fields. Our main fields of research are forest ecology, forest management, forest planning, remote sensing forests with laser scanning, forest operations and logistics and wood materials science.

UNITBV – Transilvania University of Brasov

Transilvania University of Braşov (UniBV) is an independent, state (public) funded research and education institution that develops its activities under the supervision of Ministry of National Education.