Expected results



Entire value chain traceability system for forest products (mechanical and manual)
The traceability system, based on physical marking of roundwood (single logs) and deployed with a simplified data platform allows stock management, product invoicing and enables a highly precise certification of forest products, including georeferencing of origin.
Identification and traceability system for sawn wood

This system when deployed within the primary processing industry allows:

– Accurate traceability of resources along all log transformation steps

– Link the final product (such as long-lasting structural components) to the unique tree standing in the forest

On-board LiDAR scanning for value recovery optimization and forest inventory

The elaboration LiDAR data can provide two independent services:

– Real-time optimization of value recovery during tree harvesting

– Elaborate a detailed post-harvest forest inventory

Smartphone APP for forest inventory and timber measure

It can be deployed in two different stages of the forest value chain:

– Inventory of forests for value assessment

– Measure of produced timber during manual harvesting

Illegal logging satellite detection
Early warning solution for the detection of forest cover changes based on free Copernicus data. Applicable to control illegal logging but also to monitor natural hazards (e.g. wildfire or gales )
Forest ownership aggregation platform
Integrated platform inside the SINTETIC one to enhance and facilitate fragmented forests inventories, planning and management