Advisory Board



Dominik Röser


Timber supply chains, forest operations and precision forestry

Program Director, Forest Resources Management & Forest Operations Programs; Associate Professor University of British Columbia

Dr. Dominik Roeser is currently holding the position of Associate Dean for Research Forests and Community Engagement, as well as serving as an Associate Professor of Forest Operations at the University of British Columbia. With over 22 years of dedicated experience in forest research and innovation, Dr. Roeser has become a leading expert in supply chain design and technology transfer of forest and biomass operations. At the University of British Columbia, he leads a dynamic research program, focused on developing sustainable solutions that contribute to the evolution of the bioeconomy. His collaborative efforts extend across continents, as he has worked closely with diverse partners in both Europe and Canada, fostering innovation and advancing the field. In recognition of his expertise, Dr. Roeser was honored with a nomination to the External Review Panel of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) in 2022.